why you should drink green smoothies


It is well known how important green vegetables are to any healthy diet. However, sitting down in front of a salad every day can get old and stale, no matter how inventive you get with your recipes. Lucky for you, there is another amazing and delicious way to get all those vegetable servings you need.

Green smoothies are currently a hot topic with the health and wellness crowd. These convenient and nutritious snacks or meals in drink form can be made from an enormous variety of different healthy ingredients, and the resulting smoothies can range from thick to thin, sour to bitter and spicy to sweet, depending on the exact recipe you use.

Here are 3 reasons why I drink green smoothies and why you should too!

  • Full of Essential Nutrients

As a ratio to calories, raw vegetables and fruits contain the largest amounts of minerals and vitamins. They are a particularly good source of the essential vitamins C and A, which are critical immune-boosters, and magnesium and calcium, which are used by the body to keep your bones healthy and strong. They are also full of chlorophyll, which is used by the body to purify the blood, enhance the immune system and rejuvenate the body. Lastly, they have a bunch of antioxidants, which prevent aging and are essential to fighting disease and illness.

All of these alkaline effects on the body mean that you are always in top shape for fighting off illness and other ailments. The blending process that goes into making smoothies leads to a high level of nutrient density, which is an added benefit to your body as it processes the elements in the smoothie, leading to better overall digestion. Blending is a type of pre-digestion that breaks down the cell walls and allows your digestive system to extract all the essential nutrients and process them into useful chemicals and energy.

By blending the ingredients, you do a better job of preparing the food for digestion than chewing can. Blending releases the nutrients and maximizes the amount of benefit that you extract from the ingredients. This also has the added benefit of supplying a big boost in energy, and the feeling of hydration and natural sugar rush will lead to heightened levels of mental ability.

  • That Radiant Glow You Get From Healthy Living

If the benefits to health and illness prevention from all those nutrients in a smoothie weren’t enough, they also combine to provide another amazing added benefit. A healthy body is better able to perform its natural functions, such as tissue repair, toxin elimination, and other similar essential natural functions that keep your body operating in its top form.

You will notice many substantial changes, such as your skin clearing up and getting tighter, as well as hair that is shinier and grows in fuller and stronger. A large part of this comes from all of the added hydration that you get from the water in fruits and vegetables. Mixing these vegetables and fruits with even more nutritious liquid ingredients and calling it a meal is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Smoothies are also great for helping you to win the battle of the waistline. Smoothies provide that satisfied “full” feeling for quite a while after eating because of all the water and fiber that they contain. Fiber is a big help in the digestive process by ensuring that everything moves quickly and efficiently through your digestive system. It also has the added benefit of keeping your blood sugar levels stable. The balance is particularly good when the natural fibers from the vegetables help stabilize the natural sugars from the fruit.

The high nutritional density of smoothies means that you can get everything you need from a meal with a small amount of calories. When you body has all the nutrients it needs, it won’t bother you with as many cravings for junk like chocolate or chips.

  • Smoothies Are Convenient and Delicious

why you should drink green smoothies

Of course one of the biggest draws of smoothies is just how simple and easy they are to make. Getting the ingredients ready and into the blender will usually take only 2 minutes, which then leaves just a quick blend until your meal is ready to eat. Not only that, but you get to be your own chef. You can learn to make a variety of great tasting smoothies for every occasion and mood without the hefty price of eating out or ordering in.

Smoothies are also great for people who are trying to maintain an organic diet. You can even grow your own ingredients to ensure the organic quality of the ingredients you use, not to mention the extra savings. By sticking to fruits and vegetables and other simple ingredients, it is easy to keep up with your effort to stay organic. Fruits and vegetables are easy to source from local growers, which means your food doesn’t need to be frozen and shipped by truck for hundred or even thousands of miles. By having different smoothies in accordance to the different season, you can ensure that all of your ingredients are locally sourced.

There truly is no limit to the kinds of amazing and delicious smoothies that you can make. Additional ingredients like vanilla, seeds, cayenne, cinnamon, nutmeg, plant milks, herbs, juices: they are all available to make new and exciting flavor blends. With all of this variety, your smoothies can never get dull and boring. There are plenty of great smoothie recipe books, but you will often find that a fridge full of great ingredients is all the inspiration you need to make great smoothies.

Always be careful when using strong or bitter vegetables. Be sure to use a high ratio of fruit to mellow their taste. When you first start making smoothies, keep the fruit ratio high, until your taste buds learn to appreciate all those great vegetable flavors.

Smoothies also happen to be a neat trick for getting your kids to eat all their fruits and vegetables. The fun and colorfulness of smoothies are a big draw for kids of all ages. Let your children choose their own ingredients from a spread of healthy choices, so eating is not only healthy but fun as well.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a delicious green smoothie recipe, check this one out! Also, if you have any questions or would like to reach out to me, comment below or contact me at my website Krush Fitness and I will be more than happy to chat with you!



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