why you should drink green smoothies


It is well known how important green vegetables are to any healthy diet. However, sitting down in front of a salad every day can get old and stale, no matter how inventive you get with your recipes. Lucky for you, there is another amazing and delicious way to get all those vegetable servings you need.

Green smoothies are currently a hot topic with the health and wellness crowd. These convenient and nutritious snacks or meals in drink form can be made from an enormous variety of different healthy ingredients, and the resulting smoothies can range from thick to thin, sour to bitter and spicy to sweet, depending on the exact recipe you use.

Here are 3 reasons why I drink green smoothies and why you should too!

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Green smoothie recipe

Green Smoothie Heaven

Delicious Spinach,avocado and banana Smoothie topped with fresh mango, kiwi, and tropical fruit granola

As we know starting the day with a good, nutritious breakfast is important. I love to experiment with different smoothie recipes and if you ask me, they all taste delicious!  My most recent experiment was particularly good. In fact, too good not to share! Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie-Flavoured Smoothie

Pumpkin pie-flavoured smoothie: a delicious blend of pumpkin, carrot, banana, yoghurt, ground flaxseed and spices

pumpkin pie smoothie

As pumpkins are currently in season and can be seen in almost every shop and marketplace I thought to make the most of this opportunity and try out a few different recipes, one of which was this tasty breakfast smoothie.

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