how to be happy

How to be truly happy

Our main mission in life is to be truly happy. No matter what our circumstances may be, we are all equal in our desire to be free from suffering and in our constant pursuit for happiness.

What not many of us realise or at least do not seem to remember is the fact that happiness is actually wired into us and should be sought from within and not from the external environment such as from other people, objects or experiences.  It is within our ability to change our mindset and attitude towards what it means to be truly happy as well as the way that we react to certain challenges in life.

So the question remains – how to be truly happy?

So many of us invest their time and energy in trying to reach certain goals with the main outcome being to achieve a greater sense of happiness.  But even after we have succeeded in getting there  – passed exams, graduated from university, got a successful career, good salary, started a family and so on, there seems to be something missing.

In the video below Dr. Srikamur Rao specifically addresses this issue , providing a simple yet effective answer to the question how to be truly happy.

An inspiring and motivational talk – ‘Plug Into Your Wired Happiness’,  challenges you to reconsider how your thoughts, attitudes and actions affect your ability to be satisfied with your current circumstances, helping to better understand how to be truly happy in life.

Never forget that it is within your power to be happy. You are in control of how you react to situations. And last but not least, we should be all reminded to remain present in the moment, focusing our energy on the process instead of the final outcome, which is not always in our control.



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