merry Christmas self care and love

Self-care and compassion over Christmas

We send and give Christmas cards to people that we know, care about and love.

On this day, I encourage you to address one to yourself, too.  What would your wishes be? Good health, love, success, prosperity? Pick a card or make it yourself, grab a pen and express your dearest wishes to you from you!

A little loving note to yourself is a wonderful reminder to be caring, compassionate and nurturing to the life-force within you- that which keeps you alive and breathing, providing you with the strength and vitality to get through each day and to move forwards along the path of life and all the obstacles it brings, one step at a time.

merry christmas self care and compassion

In today’s fast-paced and competitive society many of us tend to be highly self-critical (in regards to appearance, educational or career achievements, personal relationships etc).

Thus, the aim of this practice is to encourage you to express kindness, love and patience towards yourself and a sense of appreciation of who you are – a truly special and unique human being, who regardless of what you may think on a bad day, is irreplaceable. ❤

Merry Christmas!

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