preventing head injuries in sport

Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

Concussion and head injury has become an epidemic in several sports, with high-profile incidents in the English Premier League and NFL throwing the topic starkly into the public eye. If remarkably well-conditioned and supremely fit professional athletes suffer badly from concussion, just think of what effect it has on children who are playing contact sports purely for recreation.

There are many sports where physical contact comes as part of the territory, such as rugby, football and boxing, but this doesn’t mean that we should accept concussion or head injury as ‘part of the game’. Winning does matter when you’re playing competitively, but nothing is more important than the welfare of people partaking in sports, so there is no excuse for taking chances with concussion. If you feel light-headed, or you suspect someone could have been concussed, get them treated immediately. This isn’t a scenario where they can ‘soldier on’ regardless.

Anyone involved in contact sports, whether as a player, coach or medic, should take it upon themselves to learn how to practise the sport safely and what can be done to minimise the risk of concussion. That could mean wearing the correct protective headgear or practising safe and proper tackling technique. These won’t eliminate concussion for certain, but they will make it far less likely to occur.

To find out more about preventing concussion and head injury in sport, check out the infographic below.


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3 thoughts on “Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

  1. knockingoutconcussion says:

    Totally agree with your points! I believe that concussion in sport is difficult to avoid but they key is how we treat concussion. If the players, coaches and fans are all better educated about what concussion is and how it can impact them, then they will make better decisions when someone is concussed. One of the biggest issues is the ‘soldier on’ mentality that players have regarding concussion, as it is not a physical injury they can see. I think if they are better educated, they will be more inclined to take it more seriously when they do feel light-headed.

    It’s something that I have looked at in depth in my own campaign. I am currently running a campaign for university with the goal to better educate people about the dangers of concussion. In particular, my posts look at Australian sports, and examples of how concussion could be better handled moving forward. In sports such as Rugby League, one of Australia’s major sports, they don’t have to wear any protective gear on their head either. Would love if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts!



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