preventing head injuries in sport

Preventing Concussion & Head Injuries in Sport

Concussion and head injury has become an epidemic in several sports, with high-profile incidents in the English Premier League and NFL throwing the topic starkly into the public eye. If remarkably well-conditioned and supremely fit professional athletes suffer badly from concussion, just think of what effect it has on children who are playing contact sports purely for recreation. Continue reading

Reaching Your Fitness Goal and Beyond

Tips for motivation and success
1. Create a Routine

Just as you wake up each morning, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, make exercise become a part of your everyday routine. It can take the form of a few simple stretches after waking up, doing a brief body workout or a yoga session in the morning before starting your day; a run, a visit to the gym or doing a sport. Whatever you choose, try to do it at the same time of the day and turn this into a habit. For example,  running every Saturday morning, doing an hour of Yoga every Thursday afternoon, and/or going to a Salsa class every Tuesday evening. Pick a few activities and plan your week to ensure that they are included – all that it’s left now is to start doing them! Continue reading