Quick Update

This week I’ve had the great opportunity to attend a three days long Food, health and nutrition event, also known as Food Matters Live. It took place in London with dozens of innovative companies displaying their brand new health products and ideas.


What interested me the most about this event however, were the number of free seminars and talks that were given throughout the three days period. Nutritionists, dietitians, doctors and academic researchers were all there to present and discuss their latest research findings in the field of nutrition for digestive health, cognitive health, the process of ageing and much more.


University of Leeds slide show

Even my university was there to give a talk.

The talks greatly expanded my understanding on these topics and made me more aware of the constant research that is being carried out in order to find better health solutions for the general public, not just in the UK, but all around the world.

It was a fantastic opportunity for researcher scientists from different parts of the world to come together, share facts and ideas and begin to form a clearer understanding on what we can do to improve our overall health through diet and lifestyle.

Moreover, this event exposed me to a number of new and emerging food ingredients and their potential health benefits, that could soon be implemented into the food industry. Some companies promoting such ingredients, already present on the market, were working towards achieving recognition on a larger scale and towards making them widely available to consumers everywhere, not just in small alternative health shops. I had the opportunity to sample my way through a vast range of ingredients and products. Free food, free seminars – it just couldn’t get any better!




I also had some interesting discussions with a number of innovative and international companies which were aiming to introduce their products to the rest of Europe and worldwide. Some of them had brilliant ideas like this Hungarian bottled water company,which takes the concept of drinking water to a whole new level.


On Monday 24th of November, I will be in central London once again for another informative event presented by CORE charity – The Science of Digestion!

Looking forward to share the newly learnt information with you soon!


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