The Power of Love and Compassion


Only the development of compassion and understanding for others can bring us the tranquility and happiness we all seek”

~His Holiness the Dalai Lama~

Society shapes who we are as individuals and has a large role to play in our attitude towards love and life in general. We are social animals who crave love, which is fundamentally the true source of our happiness and main reason we live for. We are born in this way, and we carry it in our genes. Our lives are very much centred around giving and receiving love and affection. But like any human characteristics, the gene of love is not enough to make us a caring and compassionate person. Our social environment can have a significant impact on how we perceive love and how we act upon it.

From the moment we are born our lives are largely dependent on the conditions under which we are brought up. Our family, friends and the greater society are all responsible for who we are at this present moment.

Sadly, not all of us are fortunate enough to experience the feeling of being loved and cared for. A poor upbringing and lack of education are some of the main causes of crime in today’s world. It is distressing to think that we are all equal as human beings, yet some of us have not been exposed to warmth and affection at the same level as others. The result of this can leave psychological scars that can take a lifetime to heal.

But it’s not impossible to reverse this. It’s important for us to take time to reflect on who we truly are and to not let ourselves be judgemental towards others. Open your heart and be in peace with yourself and the rest of the world around you. Hatred and unwillingness to express compassion towards others are poisonous feelings that will only result in a deeper level of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Learn to see the beauty in life.

Think of yourself as a butterfly, light as a feather. A gentle creature that needs to be handled with care – care that starts from within. In order to transform yourself, to spread your wings and fly you must first have confidence in your own abilities. You must love and believe in yourself. Once you have accomplished that, you will see how the environment around you adapts to your new and wonderful presence.

Each and one of us is part of a much larger picture which forms the basis of our current society. If we all, as individuals, make steps towards living a more caring and compassionate life, then we, our children and further generations to come, will live in a better world, without war, aggression and unnecessary suffering.

So let us not waste time. Right now in this very moment, while reading these lines, think about who you truly are and who you truly want to be. No matter what life has presented you with so far, remind yourself that within you there is love. A lot of love. Bath your entire being in this feeling and you are on your way to reigniting the fire of compassion that was there right from the start. Let go of all the negative emotions that have been suffocating you over the time, preventing you from seeing the true colours of what’s around you. Now you can, just like a butterfly, be free to fly and explore the beautiful flora of life whilst making a positive contribution towards its survival. Pollinate each flower you come across with love and compassion, and make the world a more colourful and better place for you and every other living being.

Learn to be forgiving and do not waste your precious time on Earth, generating feelings of anger and frustration. These will only lead you towards the path of self-destruction. Each and every one of us deserves to be treated with care, love and compassion. So start this process by being kind to yourself first. Soon, you will radiate this feeling and be able to reach the hearts of others too.

I have always tried to be a realist, but most of the time I have been an optimist. It’s my strong belief that we are all capable of change – a change towards a better and more positive perspective on ourselves and on our ability to show compassion towards each other.

We are the very parts that make up today’s world – the word that shapes our everyday way of living. Therefore, we also carry the responsibility of creating a peaceful and harmonious living conditions. It’s within our power to make a significant difference, no matter how small it may initially seem. Always carry love and compassion in your heart and remain positive.


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