Pre- and Post-Workout Foods for Runners

Running has a number of health benefits. Depending on the intensity and amount of time you are planning to run for, there are various food options to choose from, before and after your workout. In addition, remember to hydrate with plenty of fluids before, during (if running for longer than 30 minutes) and after the running session.

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10-Minute Fat-Burning Workout

A full body workout to tone up and lose weight.


1. Plank

plank exercise

2. High Knee Running in Place

run in place high knees

3. Jump Squats

Jump squats

4. Push-Ups

knew push up

5. Glute Bridge

glute bridge exercise



Do 45 seconds per each exercise with 15 seconds break in between. Repeat the whole routine twice.

 Tip: Use a timer to keep track of your timings.


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