layered muesli berry breakfast

Layered Muesli Berry Breakfast

A delicious mix of fresh berries, yoghurt, muesli and grape nuts.

This simple to make breakfast provides a balanced amount of nutrients to ensure sustained energy throughout your morning.  It’s perfect combination of carbohydrates, protein, fat as well as fiber and a dose of vitamins.

The mixture of creamy yoghurt, juicy berries and crunchy muesli and grape nuts will ensure to satisfy and wake up your sleepy taste buds. Continue reading

facts about mindfulness

5 Facts About Mindfulness

Much like yoga, mindfulness has become increasingly popular in the West over recent decades, and is now promoted by doctors, celebrities, and everyone in between. But it still can feel foreign and esoteric, and many people hold misconceptions about mindfulness or just don’t get what it’s all about. These five facts about mindfulness should help clear up some of the confusion. Continue reading

Live in The Present Moment


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Life is a fine balance between what it was, what it is and what it will be.

This wonderful saying is a great reminder about what it means to be aware of the past and the future without allowing them to negatively influence your current situation. For me it symbolises the idea of letting go of emotions and experiences in the past that are preventing growth and development, learning from past mistakes and making the most of now. Similarly, when it comes to the future, not everything can be controlled so there is no use in worrying and doubting.

Your life is happening right now – not yesterday nor tomorrow, so keep your mind concentrated on this, do your best and above all enjoy the moment!