5 Yoga Poses To Help Reduce Stress

The world has greatly changed over time. Everyday life has become more challenging and fast-paced. Many people experience stress from work, school, commute, or even at home. This can accumulate and become toxic to the mind and body.

Through the years, people have recognized the calming and relaxing benefits of doing yoga. Because of this, yoga became one of the most popular stress relievers. The techniques used in yoga include poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and stretches. Many studies conducted even confirm the effectivity of yoga in reducing cortisol production, which is a common stress hormone in the body when the stress response system of the body is modulated. 

Try this 5 yoga poses to relieve stress:

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Yoga for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious or stressed? Do you have difficulties to relax or fall asleep? Yoga can help relax the body and mind, and the below video demonstrates a nice routine that you can practice in the comfort of your own home. As you do each sequence remember to apply deep abdominal breathing.