how to maintain a healthy relationship

How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship

Tips for maintaining a healthy relationship

Falling in love is a wonderful experience, but once you have finally ‘landed’ and secured a relationship with your chosen one, you begin a whole new journey – a journey of constant learning, ups and downs and a lot of self-discovery. Continue reading

Reaching Your Fitness Goal and Beyond

Tips for motivation and success
1. Create a Routine

Just as you wake up each morning, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth, make exercise become a part of your everyday routine. It can take the form of a few simple stretches after waking up, doing a brief body workout or a yoga session in the morning before starting your day; a run, a visit to the gym or doing a sport. Whatever you choose, try to do it at the same time of the day and turn this into a habit. For example,  running every Saturday morning, doing an hour of Yoga every Thursday afternoon, and/or going to a Salsa class every Tuesday evening. Pick a few activities and plan your week to ensure that they are included – all that it’s left now is to start doing them! Continue reading