Pre- and Post-Workout Foods for Runners

Running has a number of health benefits. Depending on the intensity and amount of time you are planning to run for, there are various food options to choose from, before and after your workout. In addition, remember to hydrate with plenty of fluids before, during (if running for longer than 30 minutes) and after the running session.

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health benefits of running

Run for Your Life – Health Benefits of Running


Health benefits of running

Some useful tips:

1. If you are new to running or haven’t done it in a while start gradually, even by just walking at a faster pace. Increase your speed and running time day by day to allow your body to adjust.

2. Warm up with a few dynamic stretches before the run, and cool down after the running session by switching to a slower walking pace to allow your heart rate to return to normal.

3. Avoid eating directly before going for a run.

4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during (if you run for longer than 30 minutes) and after the run.

5. If running outdoors and listening to music, ensure it is not too loud so that you can remain alert and aware of your surroundings during the whole running session.



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A Blissful Weekend Morning & Run

This weekend the winter sun decided to pay a visit to the cold and frosty London outskirts. I woke up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep, and was pleasantly surprised by the rays of sunshine that filled and brightened up my room after opening the curtains. It has been awhile since I have woken up to a sunny morning without a single cloud in the sky.

‘Time to put on my running shoes’ I thought. There is no better way to fully wake up than to go for a refreshing walk or run, out into the morning sunshine. It’s great because it not only allows to move and fully awaken every muscle, but it’s also fantastic for awakening all of the senses. Sunlight is particularly good for adjusting the body’s biological clock as it can be easy to oversleep or lose track of time during the long winter months, when days are shorter and there is a limited amount of daylight. Exposure to the morning sun is also great for uplifting our mood. I couldn’t help but smile once I stepped out of the door and into the brisk December morning. I almost immediately felt more energized and ready for the new day.


The entrance to the little park or rather – green fields, nearby my house. It’s my usual running place of choice. Every visit here makes me forget that I am living in the city. The only other visitors I would encounter are runners like me or the locals walking their dogs.


I only went for a quick morning run, but couldn’t help noticing how beautiful the frosty forest looked.


The autumn has gradually given way to winter. I was glad to see just how magnificent the remains of the last autumn leaves looked on a morning like this.




The air was crisp. Some of the plants around were still awakening from the evening cold, awaiting the sun’s warmth.


As I run I had to make another stop to capture these beautifully preserved tree leaves.



The frost-coated grass in the field was also slowly waking up to the bright blue skies above. It was a truly awarding morning running session. I felt happy, empowered and motivated. Having witnessed nature’s winter beauty along the way made this experience even more wonderful.


The best thing about waking up in this way is that each day is different, and each day provides a new opportunity to get out there and explore. It also leaves us feeling productive and ready to start the day with a more positive outlook.

~Don’t miss the opportunity to seize the sunny morning moments!~