5 Simple Family Routines For Raising Healthy, Happy Kids


With today’s busy lifestyles, parenting can sometimes feel like a mere endless cycle of routines. Breakfast, scramble out the door, school, work, home, dinner. Clean up, read, TV, bedtime struggles, snuggle and sleep. Wash, rinse and repeat.

But are you aware that these routines have a significant impact on the health and happiness of your child?

Routines provide structure and a sense of stability

– Two key factors that make children feel safe. While some routines merely serve a practical purpose, many others can be a way to instill habits and values that define your family. As childhood is a time of rapid development and change, routines offer your kids the predictability they need to tackle the new things and challenges they encounter each day. Continue reading

romantic relationship and love

Being in a romantic relationship requires some work

Lessons learnt from being in a romantic relationship. what does it really mean to us and how can we overcome the challenges that it can bring

I am not a relationship expert, but I have been with my partner, who is also my first love and first serious long-term relationship, for couple of years now.

Our journey together hasn’t been a smooth one, nevertheless throughout the years we have supported one another physically, mentally and emotionally. Both of us have managed to grow and develop on a personal level and learn from the mistakes made along the way. Continue reading