how to stay healthy during the holiday season

5 tips on how to stay healthy during the holiday season

1. Eat slowly and chew your food well

Digestion begins in the mouth. Chewing your food well and eating slowly helps to release enzymes in your mouth which begin the breakdown of food nutrients.

Spend a minimum of 20 seconds for each bite (time it if you need to). Chew your food until it becomes liquid and there is nothing solid left in the mouth.

It takes up 20 minutes for your brain and stomach to register feelings of fullness. Therefore, through slow eating, you can avoid overeating.

Stay healthy over the holiday season. Cherish each mouthful, and be thankful for the food you have on your plate.  Especially around this time of the year when we are surrounded by friends and family, take a moment to be grateful for everything and everyone in your life. Be mindful of the food you are eating and enjoy each bite like it’s the last. It’s beneficial to practice this not only around the holiday season but of course throughout the whole year. Continue reading